About Hope with Heart

For a child with a congenital heart disease Hope with Heart is a place for them to be included.  We are a non-profit organization for children ages 7-17 years old.   We provide families an opportunity to let their child experience a free one week summer camp with kids just like them.  These kids and their families live with a great hope. The hope is that they will grow to maturity and that as they do their lives will focus on the positive attributes they possess. They need to be encouraged to discuss theirIMG_7567 health, their limitations and to understand that their situation can provide them other qualities and talents. They need to walk proudly and with self-assurance. One tool available to encourage their positive attitudes is for these kids to witness each other. This they do at Hope With Heart.

Established as a summer camp experience, Hope With Heart provides year round support and friendships for its campers. The children come from various backgrounds but quickly realize that they have a lot in common.  Many of our campers go on to become counselors once they turn 18.  Hope with Heart has helped to establish many lasting friendships and can truly be described as a family.

A pediatric cardiologist works closely with Hope With Heart as Medical Director. He reviews all applications for appropriateness and is on call throughout the camp session. He participated in the development of a full medical protocol utilized throughout the week. Hope With Heart provides all normal camp medical needs. In addition, a heart monitor, oxygen, and other heart related medical needs are on the premises, under the supervision of two camp nurses.  While campers bring their own individual medications and supplies, the nurse keeps extra medications available as prescribed by our Medical Director.  A full time camp director, an activity supervisor, and three or fIMG_7276our additional counselors per camper cabin are hired directly by Hope With Heart.

Each day the kids will take part in an exciting day of activities.  Our Activities Director ensures every child is included no matter their limitations.  We go swimming, make arts and crafts, have daily Cabin challenges, and take field trips.  In the past some of our trips have included miniature golf, bowling, a drive-in theater and a water park.  We end every evening with a camp-wide activity.  We sing, we dance, we roast marshmallows around the camp fire, but most of all we make lasting memories.

Hope with Heart is a safety net for many children.  It is a safe environment where no one is alone. Children discuss their scars, their hospital stays and can feel like the regular kids they are.  We pride ourselves on being a camp where everyone is included.