How do I know if my child qualifies medically for camp?

At Hope with Heart, we accept any child ages 7-17 years old with moderate to severe congenital heart disease. There are medical requirements that must be met along with filling out the application located on this site.  The requirements are as follows: A recent EKG. A recent letter from the pediatric cardiologist as we need the cardiac status in detail. A recent physical, preferably from the cardiologist.  The physical paperwork should include allergies, if any. We also need the vaccine status and all current medications.  If the child has a device such as a pacemaker or defibrillator,  we need to receive the functional status of this from the referring electrophysiologist. Prior to camp we will also discuss any special medical needs or concerns such as oxygen equipment or behavioral issues.

Where will my child be staying/sleeping during the week of camp?

Every child is assigned to a group/cabin based on their age.  That group will stay in a cabin with 2-3 counselors who are assigned to the group.  Each cabin has bunk beds, a bathroom with a shower, and an air conditioner.  Bedding is to be provided by the parents/guardians and is listed in our “What to bring” section.

What type of activities will my child be participating in during the week?

Our entire schedule for the week has been carefully planned by our Activities Director and reviewed by our Director.  The Activities Director takes into consideration the physical limitations on campers. The campers will go to the pool daily, weather permitting.  We have an arts and crafts session daily, as well as a Cabin Challenge.  Our morning activities vary daily but in the past have included water games, a carnival, and games.  At night we have activities such as karaoke, a sunset dance, a movie night and a talent show.

How should I send my child’s medication?

All medication should be sent in a ziplock bag, clearly marked with the child’s name.  During check in, the child as well as the parent will meet with our nurses and cardiologist to go over any medications.

Does my child need to bring any money for the week?

No. Everything is provided by Hope with Heart and we ask that you do not send any money with them.

Can my child bring electronics?

Cell phones are not permitted, whatsoever, at camp.  We believe in fully being a part of the camp experience.  Any cell phones found during the week will be held by the Director until the parent picks the child up.  Campers can bring IPods or small screen consoles, but are only permitted to use them at certain times while in the cabin.  We do not encourage any electronics be sent to camp.  They will be the family’s responsibility and if harmed in any way, will not be the responsibility of Hope with Heart.

Do I need to provide any food/snacks for my child?
No. Hope with Heart provides 3 meals a day for each camper. We also provide snacks throughout the day.  The campers are also provided with water bottles and it is camp policy that they are filled all day with water.

How do I get to/what is the address of camp?

We purposely do not list the address of camp on our website.  Please email the Director for any and all camp location information.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

All bedding-Sheets, blankets, pillows, (light blanket or sleeping bag if preferred) etc.
A bathing suit or two (we go to the pool every day)
Pool Towel
Bath towel
Old sneakers or pool shoes
Toiletries – shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, SUNSCREEN, personal hygiene items, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, hairbrush etc.
Socks for the week
Warm sweats
Regular camp clothes-t-shirts, shorts, sneakers etc
Please leave any and all valuables at home!

What else?

The Director will contact you directly as we get close to camp to give you a drop off time and answer any further questions you may have.  During the week, she will update the Facebook page as often as possible to inform parents of what we are doing.  Please never hesitate to email the Director if you have further questions.