Over two decades of smiles.

Our story of love, compassion, trust and fun began in 1989.  It was a late June Saturday when nineteen campers showed up for a new adventure (Summer Camp). Everyone, the campers, their parents, the staff and volunteer leadership, looked and were scared.  No one quite knew what to expect.

But then, within hours the miracle began to happen.  Staff realized kids are kids no matter what, campers realized they could relax and enjoy meeting new friends.

Many of these friendships have lasted to this day. The kids of HOPE WITH HEART, in 1989 and in 2012 are filled with such strong love of live and great desire to live that life enjoying their childhood.  Parents left their children that day, with tears in their eyes but hope in their hearts, “my child can have fun here”. Since 1989, we have provided something very special for almost 600 children.

Every year parents tell us, over and over, that their child returns home from camp at peace with themselves and with a greater willingness to continue the struggles they face.  Suddenly, they are wearing a badge of courage; suddenly they can feel proud and happy to be themselves.  They learn acceptance by observing others who go before them.. They find role models from among both campers and counselors.  It is what we’ve come to describe as the “Hope With Heart Miracle”.

Today, our love for our kids continues, as does our mission: “To Build a Community of Love Among Children with Moderate to Severe Heart Problems.” This was our pledge in 1989 and it is our pledge today to each camper, parent/guardian and our benefactors.